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Have vinyl records to sell? We buy vinyl records of all kinds. Regardless if you have just a few or an entire collection, we'd love to take a look and make you a cash offer. Simply use the contact form below to contact us or call us at 214-305-6322.

Please watch the video and/or read the frequently asked questions below for more details and answers to the most commonly asked question about selling vinyl records.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of vinyl records do you buy?
We primarily buy: classic rock, metal, alternative, indie, punk, new-wave, jazz, blues, R&B, hip-hop, and classic country albums from the 60’s to current day.
We do not buy: classical, big band, easy listening, Spanish, comedy, children’s, Reader’s Digest, or exercise records.

Is my vinyl record collection worth thousands of dollars?
It very well could be. But it could also be worth pennies. Collections vary drastically based on the specific genres, artists, albums, and condition. The only way to properly determine value is to evaluate the collection in person. 

How much do you pay for used vinyl records?
Every vinyl record, and every record collection is different. We appraise each individually to determine a fair value/offer. Even if the collection is large we can likely come to a fair price in less than an hour after evaluating the contents and condition.

Does the condition of a vinyl record or collection matter?
More than you can even imagine. The playability and visual condition of the record itself, jacket/cover, and any additional inserts is incredibly important to the value and collectibility of a vinyl record. If it’s easy to spot scratches, wear, or damage the record is likely unsellable. 

What if the vinyl records don’t have the jackets/cover?
Sorry, we only buy records if they are complete with the jacket/cover. 

Do you buy 78rpm records?
In most cases we do NOT buy 78rpm records. 

Do you buy 45rpm records?
We sometimes buy 45rpm (7” single) records of more popular artists, but only if they are well cared and protected in outer sleeves.

Do you buy CDs, tapes, or 8-tracks?
We mostly buy vinyl records, but sometimes will take a look at collections of different formats.

Do you buy turntables, amplifiers, speakers, or other audio equipment?
In most cases we do NOT, but we are always happy to take a look to see if what you have might interest us.

Where do I take the records to sell them?
We can arrange a day/time to meet you locally at one of our NTX Vinyl locations, or we are happy to visit you directly. Whatever works best for you.

Can you come to my home to appraise my collection?
Yes, we are happy to come to you.

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